IDK Comics

Your daily dose of “Sad-Humor”

Written by Will Hightower                                            Art by Various Artists

About IDK Comics

Back in the fall of 2009 I was approached by my long time friend and artist Cierra Wiley to do a webcomic. We both read webcomics, my favorites being XKCD, Cyanide & Happiness, VG Cats, and 8-Bit Theater, her favorites being…whatever they are, so I gladly accepted the challenge of writing my first webcomic. I have written a bit before but most of my work consisted of doing stand-up and acting, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

Cierra only had a few requirements for the webcomic: It is a storyline comic (like her favs), character driven, and titled “Easier Said”. Thus was born! “Easier Said” was a quirky, plot driven comic that followed Lucas as he looked for ways to better his life with the help, or hindrance, of his best friend Reed. Potentially updated on a weekly basis.

But wait, that has nothing to do with IDK… Hmm.

To tell you the truth, IDK Comics is actually a strange byproduct of depression. I would occasionally doodle on my school work or scripts at rehearsal with really negative words or images about suicide. Lucky for me I was able to find the humor or irony in most of these situations and Cierra agreed to do double time by drawing both comics. Easier Said never really caught on so we started doing IDK comics instead. I liked them because they were short, self-contained, and allowed for several levels of relation.

Why call it IDK?

I was trying to come up with titles for the comic and nothing was really working. Ideas like, “Won’t You Join Me?” and “L.I.F.E. (Lingering in Futile Existence) Comics” floated around but didn’t fit or were too long/hard to type a lot. I liked L.I.F.E.—mostly because they are ironic comics about death, so it made an appearance in the comic titled,”L.I.F.E.” I’m not sure how IDK was decided on, but it doesn’t stand for “I Don’t Know” comics, but simply the sounds “Eye Dee Kay”. I like to believe it stands for “I Die Knowing” which is another title I enjoy.

So why puzzle pieces?

I wanted IDK to be abstract! Not just because I’m a bad artist, but I felt that by being abstract that I could connect to people better because they would put all the pieces together and see bits of themselves in the final picture. Pun/metaphor intended. Some have told me that it alienates the reader because they want a person/face to connect with; instead I want the reader to connect with themselves.

So, where do you fit in?