As some of you know, I am an actor and a playwright so I have put up a few of my short, 10 minutes or so, plays for you to read and comment on.

If you want to produce/use any of these, please notify me via email (ComicWill[at] and give full credit to me and the website.




10-Minute Plays



Bust a Cap (Comedy) [From the 24-Hour Theatre Project 2015]

Selfish Flowers (Drama) [From the 24-Hour Theatre Project 2014]

Missed Connection (Romantic Comedy?)

Like Father (Family Drama) [Produced by film adaptation]

Iphis (Pseudo-Classical Drama)

Father’s Day (Drama – “Audience Choice Award” Short + Sweet Corporate Theatre Festival 2012 Bengaluru India)

Why Weight? (Satire)

A rewrite of “Why Weight?” to fit the needs of a show at ASU called, “Food! A play with music”: Food! Scene #

The Little League Drug Ring (Comedy–First play I ever wrote)

Not Yet Produced:

Shelter (Drama) [Featured in Canyon Voices, Spring 2012]

Mitch (An “experimental” drama)

Ari’s Ona (Theatre for Youth – Arizona’s Centennial) [Featured in Canyon Voices, Spring 2012]

BR’s Grand Opening (Theatre For Youth)

ABEL (Drama)

TBA  (Romantic Comedy)

Smoke Break (Political Satire)

Aquarium (Drama)

Short Films/Storytelling Exercises

Call to Honor

Mirror Fear (Written for the Imagination Series Film Contest (Year 2))

The Joyride

Soul Food

Breakfast in Dead



My Fault – Kid (Dramatic, m/f)


My WORST Play Ever Contest Submissions:

Spectacle Extravaganza!

I’ve Got a Knife!

Performance Fart


Will’s Writers Workshop:

These are scripts created with the criteria given from the writers workshop I give to my writing partners.
We all write a short play as “homework” after each session.

Ashes to Ashes (Drama)

Support Me (Drama)

My Job (Comedy)

The Angels (Comedy)


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