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LUCAS (Screen name: Show_me_the_Monet)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
: 5′ 11″
Body Type: Average
Looking For: short-term dating, long-term dating, mid-term dating, friends, best friends (Besties), acquaintances, activity partners…Please?
Smokes: No thanks
Drinks: Sometimes
Drugs: Just say no (Thanks D.A.R.E.)
Religion: Agnostic
Sign: Yield
Education: B.A. in Art History
Job: Administrative Assistant


My Self-Summary

…I am not sure what to put here. I’m a… well, I’m an intelligent and laid back kinda guy… No, that sounds stupid, I’ll finish this later.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit here:

I was just… Let go… from a serious relationship. :-/

You should message me if:

You have any questions about… anything really. I can usually answer questions… unless I can’t… Then I don’t…


(Screen name: DUI_Guy)
Age:d to perfection! (24)
Height: 6′ 2″
Body Type: Awesome!
Looking For: Chicks (no dicks this time plz)
Smokes: Crack, no. Meth, no. Anything else is fair game!
Drinks: My college nick name: “That jerk who drank all the beer and then vomited on the bearskin rug, how the hell am I supposed to get dick-weed barf out of a bearskin rug!?”
Drugs: Socially… Don’t do ecstasy alone!
Religion: I’ll make you believe in God… Me!
Sign: Speed Limit: 68. Because at 69 you have to turn around!
Education: I went to city college… For 3 days.
Job: V.P. of Promotions for a local restaurant chain. My dad owns that shit!

My Self-Summary

I’m looking for a sweet and compassionate girl* that shares my common views on the betterment of mankind.

*must put out

The most private thing I’m willing to admit here:

I saw Brokeback Mountain… But not in a gay way!

You should message me if:

You’re looking for a good time! There is enough of me to go around! 😉

…As long as you drive.


Claire (Screen name: iTip_uTip_weTip)
Age: 23
Sex: Girl
Height: 5′ 6″
Body Type: Athletic
Looking For: My friend made me make this site… So… No 40+ please!
Smokes: My body is my temple, so feel free to worship!
Drinks: See above!
Drugs: See above!
Religion: I celebrate Christmas so… Christian?
Sign: Aries with a (Aries Sun and a Sagittarius Moon)
Education: Associates in Communication
Job: Server

My Self-Summary

I prefer to quote song lyrics for this part.

“Girls, just wanna have fun!”

The most private thing I’m willing to admit here:

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I’m scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time

You should message me if:

“You believe in a thing called love”




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