That’s right folks. I’m running away…. For a little bit.

I’m just going for a drive really. Well, a 4-day drive with no real purpose or destination. I need the alone time to do some soul searching? Whatever, I’m just running away.

The comics will still flow my friends! No worries, I will have my phone to communicate with Cierra but I won’t be able to do all the marketing stuff I do.

Thanks for the feedback on what else you would like from us! You want comics, you got ‘em! Best feedback from this poll:

What do you want?

“To not be as alone as the hero of this webcomic”

Good luck! You figure that out and let me know.

For the other responses:

Want IDK Merch? We are working on it yo! We do have a store though (link). We are planning a book to have ready by the New Year! And we will be selling it at Amazing Arizona Comic Con. More info on that later. Also, a new button series! Shirt designs? Would you wear one?

Want to see Cierra’s artwork? What, seeing her draw puzzle pieces and the occasional human hand isn’t enough for ya? Bah! Fine. Check out some of her work on her blog. (link)

Want to see/hear something Will writes? If you live in AZ you are in luck! At the Madcap Theatre in Tempe, AZ they have actually produced two of my short plays! (info here and in the previous blog)

Want to see Will act in something? I could link my commercials, but I won’t. How about a video of me killing myself? Seriously, check it out here. “OMG fake-n-gay!” I was bored so I improvised a short film on my webcam a while back. Deal with it. Oh also at the MadCap theatre in Tempe I have a short film I acted in called the App of Time (link) and also the première of LoL TV (link) taking place this month. What can I say? I get around.

Want more blogs? Looks like most of you don’t, but that is a necessary evil. Sorry folks!

No one wants to hang out with us!

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to either.

We did receive our first ever donation! Hell yeah! Thanks random dude in Georgia! I’m going to send him 3 IDK Buttons.

Wow this shit is really self absorbed.

You don’t care about all this do you?

I think we are growing in popularity? 400 FB fans, over 3k views a day with no advertising budget, and look at the comments we get! Best comment this week? This one!


All men should strive
to learn before they die
what they are running from, and to, and why.
~James Thurber

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