What? No artist? From the looks of this comic I can’t tell, can you?

Shut up.

Anyway, I don’t think the art will get any better, so get used to it!

Why would she quit you ask? Well, let me tell you in my favorite medium: a play.

Will: Hey, do art stuff!

Cierra: I’m trying, calm down.

Will: I’m a dick, do art stuff faster and better!

Cierra: You’re not that big of a dick, just hold on.

Will: No, Will no hold on! Will no refer to himself in the 3rd person!

Cierra: Will, you just referred—

Will: Cierra no paid to talk, just draw and look pretty!

Cierra: …You don’t pay me…

Will: Not with that attitude I don’t!

Cierra: Look, you need to get your shit together and grow up.

Will: Ur MOM!

Cierra: …

Will: That’s what she said!

Exit Cierra.

Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

Moving on.

So yeah, if she won’t read this and forgive me then I’ll be looking for a new artist. Trust me, neither of us want to see me do the art. When I do, I have to limit my ideas to what I can draw and copy-paste from other comics which, as you can see, yields less than desirable results.

In other news, I wrote two new short, very short, plays that I might be entering into a play festival about food. They are supposed to be a satire on “food through the ages” or something, but I just kinda wrote. One is about health food trends and the other is some post-apocalyptic play about cheese. I dunno. Check them out!

Hey, we have a store button now! Yeah, you can check out our new store by clicking here or on the tab and link above. All we have for sale right now are buttons, but it’s a start! Or you can just donate, either way.

At the time of writing this, my friend is using a “Total Gym” as a rocket launcher and shooting at my brother who stands in the kitchen. He quickly picked up a stool and used it as a mini-gun. I’m caught in the crossfire and, needless to say, am finally dead.

It’s not so bad really.


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