Did anyone else notice that viewership skyrocketed this week? Just me? Oh, okay. Well, we went from 50 unique views with about 300 pages views on any good day to a record high of 3.1k unique and up to 8.3k page views! Yeah, that’s right. Did we suddenly get popular overnight? No. I spent a nice wad on advertising folks. But it worked! Just don’t forget to “fan” the Facebook page or follow us on Twitter off to the right.

Check out our new poll on the left there! It’s all about how you give your feedback. I always love reading your comments and stuff, even the ones that tell me I suck!

Those hold a special place in my heart; I save ‘em.

Also, you’ll see at the VERY bottom of the page that we are listed on a few webcomic databases and it would be helpful to check out our listing and “vote” or “subscribe” or whatever they want you to do.


That’s free advertising!

On an unrelated note, I spent a lot of time playing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game on Xbox 360 this week. I’d invite you all to play with me but it doesn’t have online play! You can however add me on XBL if you’d like to kick my ass at the game of your choice.

Just send me a message that you’re an IDK fan and we’ll rumble.

GT: Psi Hightower

Back to business…

Speaking of business, did you know that this site has become my small business now? I still work as a teacher and server (at a place that involves a color and a bird—figure it out) but I spend all that money on food… err… the comics! I believe in my product so much that I drop nice sums of money on promotional materials like pens and buttons to give away as well as shovel cash into the advertising furnace. Anyway, what I’m saying is that it would be awfully nice of you to donate something (anything) to keep this place up and running. Check out the donate page to see what kind of swag you can get! Speaking of swag…

We have an online store front being built by an inept, but dedicated, fool as we speak. Okay, it’s me, but I’m trying okay? We’ll have our buttons, some prints, and maybe a shirt or two for you soon enough.

And finally, I’m in a play in Tempe, AZ right now called “The Kitchen Witches”. I’ll be giving away a ticket to a randomly selected fan the week before the show opens (Sept 17th is opening night). If you would like to be put into the raffle please comment on this blog and I’ll add your name to the list. You can pick the time and night but I only have 1 ticket to give away. Sorry. We all know IDK fans don’t have any friends anyway!

Side note: I’m noticing that my niche is more of a genre.


“I have always believed that writing advertisements is the second most profitable form of writing. The first, of course, is ransom notes…”

-Philip Dusenberry

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