I just want to welcome any of the Tiny Army readers! I’m ridiculously excited about the burst of ambitious vigor at the last meeting and can’t wait to get the ball rolling on some of those projects. I may need to create a button to put up, but all in good time.

As most know, I don’t have a laptop which contained any of my CS4 programs that I use to make the comic. Instead, I have been using good old pencil and pen (and…scanner) to continue bringing you what you crave. I’ll have to admit that while the quality as far as the image isn’t as great… I really love being able to do this by hand. You lose so much starting and ending with the tablet that you learn to leave out detail and precision and be happy with what you can get.

Once the computer is up and running again, I’m going to start sketching out the comic by hand. Only, instead of inking, I’ll scan the image and outline it in Illustrator. Bam! I get the pleasure of drawing with the clean finished product.

How do you feel about the hand drawn comics?

In other news, my stolen car has indeed been recovered. Hopefully I’ll be able to jump into her again sometime soon.

Oh Oh Oh

We are finally about to hit our 100 comic mark! You know what this means? Well, it means a lot more work but it also meant that we’ve hit a year. Okay, we’ve hit a year since we began Easier Said comics (a failed project I hope to revive eventually). We started IDK in December and have been going strong ever since. We’ve had a site remodel, and much more added in that time. Improvements, or at least I believe so.

This… is just the beginning.


ps I smell like cheerios but can’t figure out why. I haven’t had cheerios in months.

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