The following piece is a draft intended for this (M4TH) – Monologues For The Homeless Project


Human of Chicago

[Standing on a street corner in Chicago]

I had a name! I had a name!

Jordan? Alex? Taylor? Sam? Kyle?

When you lose everything you lose your name!

Terry? Pat? Robin? Jaime? Morgan?

Now I’m known not by who I am but by where I am.

Clark. Addison. Elston. Irving. Rush.

You can help! You can help!

I don’t need a hand out, I need a handshake!

I don’t need spare change, I need to change my despair!

I don’t need a shelter’s contact, I need selfless eye-contact!

I’m not pushing bracelets, I’m pushing for embracements!

I need a name! I need a name!

Buddy? Friend? Pal? Brother/Sister?

It’s a start.

Please don’t overlook, underestimate, step-over, give-up, put-down, side-step, cast-aside, throw-away.

I am homeless, not hopeless!

Restore me not ignore me!

Help me dig-in to dignity and heal my humble humanity!

Share your wealth of empathy, your cache of compassion, your affluence of attention!

I have a name! I have a name!

But my name is like a bridge. It’s useless without a connection.

An echo can do what you refuse to.

Here’s the game, (before you get on the train) I say, “What’s your name?” And you the same. My aim is not some claim to fame or to inflame the blame but to tame the shame when I exclaim my name.

So… What’s your name?


If they ask “what’s your name”, answer with your name. If nothing, you don’t exist.

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