Seeking knowledge about the tesseract?

An other-worldly being ruling over an entire plant?

Assembly of heroes going to rescue a loved one?

Is this the plot to the Avengers Movie?


No! It’s the award-winning book, A Wrinkle in Time! But more importantly than all that, I am in a production of a staged-version of this awesome story.

Too sexy for my letterman jacket

Too sexy for my letterman jacket

 Here’s the preview article

If you live in Arizona (Tempe), you can come see me in this production every weekend in May! Because of this show, I will not be able to attend Phoenix Comic Con this year. So if you were gonna stalk me there, you can come see a show instead. Much more interesting than me sitting behind a table at Comic Con trying to figure out a way to scratch my balls without it being too obvious…then openly scratching away.

Tickets and info here!


What does this have to do with you? Nothing! Except I want to know what you have to say about this question the cast had to answer.

If you could time travel, what era (past or future) would you go to and why?

I know time travel is sticky but let’s say, for the sake of simplicity, that we can avoid all the paradoxes and such. You can’t bring technology with you, like an almanac or gun. Your purpose in the past would be to experience or observe something, similar to the ghost of Christmas Past–not to rule the world.

After much discussion and research, this is what I decided on:


If I could travel through time, I would go into the future! I would travel to the time period that would normally be the end of my life. I would be able to see what the world is like after I’m gone and what kind of impact I had on others.
If life is a book, it would be like I jumped to the end and read the last few pages. Knowing how the book, or life, ends would give me a sense of peace and confidence that it will all work out. When I travel back to my normal time, I have a new perspective on life and I wouldn’t ever “sweat the small stuff” because I saw, with my own time-traveling eyes, that it is truly all small stuff.



Well, that’s my “all-ages” response. I left out my Wizard of Oz-esque, “Simple Science as Magic” and the following Tour-De-Ass.


How about you?



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