Well I am back from New Orleans and my Mardi Gras experience has come to an end. If you saw it all unfold on the Facebook and Twitter, good for you! If not, here’s how it went down.


The series of events went from Thursday-Sunday, but I didn’t arrive until Saturday so, yeah, I can’t tell you about the huge Masquerade Ball Friday night (200+ people) because I wasn’t there.


My adventure started on Saturday where I wondered around New Orleans and saw various parades and boobies. Well, the boobies were rare and are the exception to the “Mardi Gras Beads” thing, not the rule. But still, boobies (5 total)!


On Sunday, I woke up early and traveled to the House of Blues where a huge-ass (200+ again) breakfast was taking place. We ate masses amount of food before marching down the streets of the French Quarter of New Orleans at 8am yelling and throwing beads at sleepy people and windows (open window = 10 points).


What a riot!

We later flipped that van. Just for funsies!

Once we marched back to the hotel, we got dressed in ridiculous costumes and prepared for the parade.

Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Rapey!

I got to keep the costume! Just in case I want to terrorize again!


From the Nightmare Parade

This was my ride. “Under the Big Top”


From there, we tossed beads at people for about 4 hours. I must have thrown well over 1,000 beads.

After the parade was over, I sat down for only a moment and then passed-out.



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