Update: They have requested that I not highlight them as a sponsor! They requested that I remove the ad! The changes have been made below.


My New Year’s Resolution: To make monetize IDK Comics and become a rich man!


We’ve reached an all time-low in readership so it is time to sell out to the ad companies. That’s how this works right? Either way, I’m going to load up on ads for you all! I know you love them! I can’t do Google Ads because they think I did some fraudulent clicking and then they stole $90 from me—so that’s out. I like Project Wonderful ads, so I’m going to keep that too. Maybe I’ll try some pop-up ads! What’s a good company that can hook me up with some really invasive pop-up ads?


So, what does this mean for readers like you? Well, you can go Premium to avoid ads! That means you donate some amount of money to me, then go download ad block for free! Or just get ad block, whatever. It also means that my blogs and comics will now have corporate sponsors!

This blog was NOT brought to you by Party Poker


Maybe I can use the small amount of money I get from ads and “Double Down” on the “Pass Line” to increase my earnings with poker! That’s poker terms, right? And that’s how poker works, right? It’s a money making machine for the end consumer, like me!


Let’s all get rich! Or regret our mistakes for the rest of our lives trying!



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