Doing creative stuff, like writing or drawing, by yourself is hard, especially when you second-guess everything you do.


There are some people who LOVE to do shit by themselves! Total and complete power/control! They can do anything and the possibilities are endless! They have the energy and the ambition to just do shit all day long! And who cares if it sucks? They don’t think their work sucks and neither do their friends and family. It’s probably because they “love, appreciate, and respect” them or some shit.

The difficulty of doing stuff alone comes from a lack of MOTIVATION and an abundance of FEAR. So how can we combat these things and keep being productive? Well, it’s not like we can go back in time and make our parents hug us more (or less, depending on the kind of hug) so the fear can be washed away with overwhelming optimism and enthusiasm for life—or whatever. So we instead have to fight these things by other means.


I’ve found that you can enlist the help of others to keep each other motivated. Like a gym buddy or something, but instead of pumping iron and walking on the treadmill behind that one blonde girl who drops her kid off at the gym daycare then jogs in gloriously tight pants, you get together with other people and pump out ideas and then day dream about that perky mom-ass.


Getting a writing partner to work with once a week or maybe meeting with a group of like-minded people once a month. A group of people in Phoenix I try to meet with on the first Wednesday of each month is a group of artists of all kinds called the Tiny Army. I’ve never been more motivated to work on my craft as a writer, artist, or human being than when I leave a Tiny Army meeting. If you can’t find something like that locally, it helps to look online for message boards, social groups, and the like. Creative groups like these inspired the kinds of assemblies of artists that started things like NaNoWriMo!


You can also enlist the same kind of help when encumbered with fear. Or you can just wake up each morning and spit right in fear’s stupid face.


“Fuck you fear! I’ll publish my sad little webcomic with puzzle pieces on the internet! I don’t care if it’s not funny/interesting/relevant because I’m doing this shit for me!”


Well, there are several different kinds of fear, so you might run out of insults or saliva somewhere down the line.


Fear is a choice. It’s an abusive relationship that we feel stuck in. It’s a lot of work to get out and some people never do. But let’s not kid ourselves; inaction in the face of fear is a choice. So let’s break up with Fear and start flirting with Ambition, Determination, and Motivation. And who knows, maybe if we play our cards right, we might end up dating Success.





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