Welcome to the first IDK Comics Contest! As a few of you know, I am pretty good at writing the comics, but when it comes to actually creating/drawing/art-stuff-ing them, I suck the big balls. I’ve noticed that I have a lot of friends and fans that are actually GOOD at drawing and creating comics! So I‘ve decided to open the floor to you guys and let you all draw a comic that I’ve written. You can do whatever you want with it but try to stick to the script if you can. If this goes well, I’ll probably do another one!


And there are prizes!

The Prizes:

  • 1st Place – You get to be IDK’s Weekly comic with credit (linking to your site, if you have one). I’ll also ask for an address to send an awesome mystery package of goodies!
  • 2nd Place – You’ll be featured on the social networks with credit! Also, I’ll send you a code for a free copy of the IDK Comics eBook!
  • 3rd Place – I’ll send an email to your parents explaining why abortions are sometimes the best option.


The Script:

It’s a comic inspired by the song Airplanes by B.O.B.


Title: Airplanes

Panels: ???


A small piece (child) is looking at a picture of a piece (mother). She has a noticeable necklace that identifies her.

Now looking up at the night sky, there is a small light that pierces through the darkness

Child Piece (CP): I wish my mom was here

(Words written in a different font, try to show rhythm or song)

“Can we pretend that”

Zoom in – We get a closer look at the light in the sky as it moves across the sky

“The airplanes in the night sky”

Zoom in – We see that the light is actually a plane but the engines of the plane have caught fire

“Are like shooting stars?”

Zoom in – We get a good look at the flaming plane, but, more importantly inside the window of the plane. We see the piece (mother) from the picture, with her identifying necklace, looking out

“I could really use a wish right now”

Zoom Out – We see CP with the picture looking up as the “shoot star” arcs across the darkness.

“Wish right now, wish right now”



Please email all submissions to IDKComics[at]hotmail.com

Deadline for this contest is December 19th! Just before the end of the world!

Please share with your friends and forum members!


Other rules:

I make up the rules and they are subject to change and whimsy!


Have fun!


– Will

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