I’m bringing back IDK Chat!


What’s IDK Chat?

IDK Chat is an opportunity to chat with me, Will Hightower, about whatever you want using the IDK Chat Room! Past topics include:

  • The Comic!
  • Depression!
  • Self-Harm!
  • Arts and Crafts!
  • Personal Anecdotes!
  • And general rabble!


Who is invited?

You are! But only you. If you bring someone else, you have to have a convincing line like, “They’re with me” or “I brought pizza”.


Where is it?

It will be right on this website under the “Chat” tab. It will remain hidden until the day of the chat!


When is it?

It will be once a month! On a Saturday or Tuesday! It will be around 1pm or 6pm Arizona time!


The first new IDK Chat will be Saturday the 13th at 1pm (MST – Arizona)!


Warning! Sometimes it turns into a group therapy kind of deal. So what happens in IDK Chat stays in IDK Chat.


Stay tuned for more information! More frequent updates are posted on the Facebook and the Twitter!

Need more info? Ask away via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or in the comments section below!


See ya there!





Results from the last IDK Poll that has been running for about a year!


What’s Your Commitment to IDK?

Poll Options — Total Votes — Percentage

  1. OMG I LOVE IDK! (Married) — 47 — 12.7%
  2. I like IDK enough to make a small commitment. (Dating) — 42 — 11.35%
  3. It’s okay. We hang out sometimes. (Friend-Zone) — 43 — 11.62%
  4. I hate IDK! Imma kick his ass! (Enemy) — 0 — 0%
  5. I just found IDK and am not sure how I feel (Stranger-Danger) — 31 —  8.38%
  6. I only call IDK when I need something (“Friend”) — 16 — 4.32%
  7. I cheat on IDK with QC/XKCD/C&H but he doesn’t know! (Boy/Girl-Friend) — 104 — 28.11%
  8. I went to school with IDK. Is he still fat? (Acquaintance) — 8 — 2.16%
  9. GIMME YOUR WALLET OR I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU! (Crack-Addict Mugger) — 57 — 15.41%
  10. Other: — 22 — 5.95%
  • IDK stop stealing my needles.
  • i hold so muhc repsect for IDK that I i visit this site several times a day
  • I call up a idk when i have needs that need ‘filling’ (sex-friend)
  • Penis 😀
  • I met IDK at Comic Con and decided it was awesome
  • I stalk IDK on Facebook and Google Reader. (Creeper)
  • We know each other but at the same time meh.
  • I’m a flying cactus from outa space, yo!
  • Open relationship.
  • Belligerent Therapist
  • I only pretend to be his friend so after his suicide i can get his kidney.
  • We don’t see each other much, but when we do it lasts a while. (Friend?)
  • IDK is my secret lesbian dominatrix lover.
  • Best friend!(:
  • that last option must’ve been funny until you stopped getting any useful info
  • ohai
  • IDK is a homicidal maniac but I still hang around him (Stockholm Syndrome)
  • I sell drugs to IDK
  • lolzmolz
  • IDK fucked me and never called me again.
  • I resent IDK. It just ruined the best years of my life (ex-husband/ex-wife)
  • IDK, stop stealing my needles.
  • We flirt a LOT but never do anything about it (MoreThanFriendsButNotQuiteDating)



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