This was my final project for a film class at ASU. It was the only film I’ve every directed/edited/everything-else’d and it was a nightmare!

This is actually a heavily revised version of the original script. When the original rough cut was viewed, I was laughed out of the class! That “funny” footage is seen in B&W. To save the film I removed the audio, shot new scenes, and cut up the acting performances to make it more of a music video. Then, the external hard drive I was using to store all my data became corrupted so when I finished editing that day, I had to call the project finished. So, here it is!

Never again.


In Fact, here is the original script for you to look at! Even less people have seen this!

Happy Birthday Script

I’m pretty sure I wanted people to laugh at the end. Laugh-Cry would be ideal. But I’ll take shocked/bored expression during the film and a scoff at the end too!


Now let’s close up this wound forever!


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