As I am sure you can tell, things are in desperate need of a change here at IDK Comics/EasierSaid! That change is coming soon! Potentially, August will be the last month of the regular IDK Comics you have grown to know and love.

This is basically my new job. I eat cones.


Not shutting down, just remodeling and reevaluating.


The whole reason I started IDK was because I was asked to write for “Easier Said”. I started to have comic ideas of a different kind and thus IDK was born. Back then, I was just the writer and only writing. I was not any driving force, developer, or figurehead. Hell, I didn’t even want to have a blog on the site!


I had a bad case of paper face


Several things have changed since 2009. I no longer have an artist nor the time/energy/money to pour into making these comics on a regular basis by myself. Good for me, bad for IDK, is the fact that I have found a working program to finally get on top of my depression!


More on that soon!


IDK has served as a great outlet for that and I thankful to have had it! Do I want to stop making IDK? Not necessarily! But doing comics and comics alone does not really fit into my future.


My life is in the theatre and the comic world doesn’t exactly blend too well into the acting world.


But Will! What about actors in comic book movies!

Yeah, those actors are actors, not comic creators.



Now writing does blend better! In the new you can expect to see a bunch of new things from me instead of just comics. We might see:



Short Stories




And the occasional IDK Comic!


I will still have some kind of deadline, but the comic will not be my only outlet. It will be more of a hub for all my projects rather than a single entity that was IDK Comics.


One month you might see a short play, a review for an iPhone game, and maybe a video of some kind. Whatever comes to mind I will post! Limitless possibilities*!


And this!


I hope that you’ll stick around for the ride.




“The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react”

~George Bernard Shaw



*Not actually limitless. I actually listed the potential limits above.



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