It is just me or has this been the longest year ever? What the hell even happened this year? I think I remember vaguely.

Her name is Katie Hoy and she came all the way from Missouri! She was in Arizona for other reasons, not just me, but still! And she totally brought me gifts!

Obviously, she's the one with the beard

That’s an Oscar Wilde action figure, a Pi-Pie Jigsaw Puzzle, and the Pi wrapping paper they came in! That’s also a comic/card she made for me!


Now to answer the question you’ve wanted to ask this whole time, if you want to have lunch with me you’ll have to enter the upcoming Have Lunch with IDK Comics Contest! Details below!

Just ask

Fine print: Participation may vary. Not available in all areas. May cause diarrhea of the mouth and anus.

But seriously. If you are a fan that lives in Phoenix and you want to talk about the comics, the business, or have me sign your (man)boobs, it can totally be arranged. For those of you that don’t live in AZ, there is hope! Sometimes I travel! I’ll be going to San Francisco, CA and Tucson, AZ this winter. For those of you outside the country, sorry! You’ll have to settle for a Skype conversation or kicking my ass at an iPhone game like Ethan from Australia.

Oh, and please don’t murder me? kthxbi!


I think I did pretty damn well for 2011. Now let’s see what I have in store for 2012!


Maybe a [shirt]?

I’m working on a test print of a book!

Working on new types of IDK merchandise!

Also I am working on new IDK Button designs and getting a new button machine/thingy!

I’m rewriting and compiling my short plays into a book for possible publication!

I’ll be back at [Phoenix Comic-Con]! If you live in Arizona, keep an eye out for my [commercials]!


2012 is sizing up to be an exciting year! Are you along for the ride?


Happy New Year!


“How about you make your own quote for 2012?”


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