Wowza! IDK made it all the way to 2 years? Even with all the domestic violence, suicide attempts, abusive relationships, and unfortunate events. He is one (un)lucky puzzle piece!

As my gift to you, I will show you this paper I found in the street!

Ready for publication


Let me try to translate some of what it says here for you with some of my comments in parentheses:

Tyler Veitch & His Father:

From the Words of Anthony…

  • Flippos shaddow
  • Piggy
  • The Veitch knows
  • Tittyboy (an insult in grade school, a nickname in college)
  • Treasure hunter
  • Pool MAN
  • Spicy4life
  • Addict. (period!)
  • Crackhead
  • DaVeithci the genus (ironic spelling?)
  • Always right
  • Kyle sleepover jerk circle (I remember that night! Everyone grab to your left!)
  • Picked butthole and smelled it (why is this frowned upon?)
  • Attracted to Flippos earhole (wait, that’s not normal?)
  • Good wide receiver (One redeeming quality, good at sports!


  • Treasure hunter
  • Geneus (another spelling!)
  • Pool MAN
  • Rockstar
  • Producer
  • Scientist
  • All star runner
  • Ladies man
  • Superman
  • Mechanic
  • Gamer
  • Computer wiz
  • Pirate
  • Gangstah (Dude has a lot of jobs. But it’s what you have to do in this 99% economy)
  • Best at bonding (is this a chemistry joke?)



Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy?)

Picture of Tyler Veitch saying, “I’m the chosen one my dad says” (Jewish?)


City of gold (…So yeah, Jewish)

Picture of pirate saying, “I’m a pirate : – )”


On the back it says:

If Tyler rips he owes me $10.

dance (also a penalty)

Well, since I have it in once piece it looks like Tyler is safe for now. Until I rip it and that poor kid owes IDK $10! Sucka!


As a gift to myself, I bought Axe Cop Munchkin!

If you want to give IDK a birthday gift you can do it here!

Well, I am seriously surprised that IDK has made the 2-year mark and I can honestly say it is because of my awesome readers! And depression. And childhood trauma. And girls. And caffeine. And Cierra Wiley. And more girls. And suicide. And my inability to quit things that cause me emotional, mental or physical pain, discomfort, or torment.


Either way, thank YOU for an amazing, awkward, and abusive 2 years!



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