…For now


I’m still not at 100% but I blame the fact that I’ve had a hellish cold on top of the surgery.


I was a little worried that after the operation I’d be like this

Or maybe this



But it looks like the combination of Xanax and anesthesia lead to me waking up and instantly doing the robot. From what I am told, I robot-ed all the way out of the office and into the car. Once in the car, I shifted into high gear by transforming those robot hands into fearsome fingers and I proceeded to flip everyone off on the drive home. While the brunt of the “bird” fell upon my girlfriend and my own reflection, I can’t help but wonder who else was insulted by a glossy-eyed, bloody-mouthed, dude in a Daewoo. Once home, I finally passed out on the couch—After several debates as to whose face I was wearing of course.


Now back to your regularly scheduled IDK!



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