Tomorrow at 7am I am going in for surgery to have my wisdom teeth extracted.

Oh this drill? No, that’s for your penis

I have never had surgery before and I don’t know what to expect. It is VERY expensive and because I don’t have (and have never had) insurance it is all out of pocket. It has to be done. By tomorrow, I will have spent more on my teeth in the past year than I have on four years of college tuition.


At the very least, I will be out for a few days for recovery. To prepare for that I have this week’s continuation of Domestic Violence Week comics all queued up and ready to go! At the very most, I could die. And that would be moderately inconvenient for you because IDK would stop.

Now that IDK is gone, no one understands my pain...


Here’s hoping!



“We do have a zeal for laughter in most situations, give or take a dentist.”
~Joseph Heller

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