Well, kinda. Spring is Arizona only lasts about 3 weeks and I think we are nearing the end of that. Anyway, new things are springing up around here!

… See what I did there? Springing? Like the se—shut up.

Anyway… For those of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook you may already know that I made our first IDK Comics shirt!

The one, the only

Yeah, yeah, it’s a prototype and it’s the only one I made so far. Notice I said I made? Yes, just like everything else that we sell for IDK, I make all this stuff in my kitchen. All by myself! …And the occasional child day-laborer. We are working on a better design, maybe one with a puzzle piece or something resembling more accidental bleach stains (check!). I killed 4 shirts before I got this one to kinda work out. If you want one, sign up otherwise I’m not wasting the cotton!

Also you’ll notice the “sharing” buttons have gotten a lot larger. I figured what better way to encourage you to click and share than to shove them in your face and show you how little they are being utilized with their respective counters above them.

I want to help out IDK, but I can’t/don’t-want-to donate! What can I do?

I’m glad you asked ambiguous line of text! If you really wanna help us out, you can click the hell out of those share buttons! Go back through the archives and “like”, “tweet”, “digg”, and submit your favorite comics till you are so sick of IDK that you’ll message your least favorite comics to your enemies!

Who has enemies anymore? Are we feudal lords now?

How about sea anemones?

That joke only works if you say it out loud.

…Moving on!

I added a “Reviews” tab to our Facebook page! You should tell us how cool/funny/bad/sucky/depressing/insensitive we are on there. Best news? I don’t think I can delete it if you say something random or distasteful. Our best review came to me via Facebook:

“Your comics are fucking incredible man. I’ve been meaning to tell you. You have struck on a very particular chord with what you do and it is beautiful. It is sad and sometimes funny. It reminds me much of pictures for sad children. It’s like a good feeling you have when you are feeling sad, or a sad feeling you have when you are feeling good.”


No, I’m not just fishing for complements… Okay, maybe a little. But I’d much rather you just tell your friends about us!

Recent Pi Day just passed! We need more Pi Sightings! Get to it people! I’ll be posting some soon too!

Oh yeah, and I’m in another play with Phoenix Theatre’s Cookie Company. It’s Charlotte’s Web and intended for k-5th graders.

This is me


“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat. ”
~Lily Tomlin

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