It’s Cierra’s birthday and for a little bit we’ll be the same age. I’m still a foot taller and look old enough to be her father, even if I would be a young father who was a little too curious and self-educated about where babies come from. Anyway…

What do you get a girl who had everything, was robbed, then settled for what was left? This!

These are some comics I picked up at Amazing Arizona ComiCon from the good folks at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Some of them are signed and one of them is signed by Frank Miller. You know, the Sin City/300 guy?

Happy Birthday Cierra! Enjoy the anniversary of immense pain for your mom!

1000 FB fans! We’ve been at a steady growth for a few months now which is great and all, but shouldn’t we be growing exponentially? Like the old, you tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends? Apparently the process is more like, you tell two friends and one of those friends says, “fuck it” and the other decides that IDK Comics will be the internet’s best kept secret. Don’t get my wrong, 1000 FB fans and 400+ Twitter follows is nothing to scoff at (okay, maybe an under-your-breath-scoff) but shit dude, you need better friends!

In personal news (AKA stop reading if you don’t care what I do in my non-IDK time):

I’m working on a new children’s play for a theatre! They are promising to pay me, which would be super cool. But like most promises, I’m sure they’ll come in my mouth anyway. Also, I sent a short play out to a few publishers and one sent a letter back saying they’d like to see a collection of my works for potential publishing. So yeah, working on it! This week I also start rehearsal for my next show with Phoenix Theatre so I’ll be back to 4 jobs until late April. And whatever time I have left over I will funnel into IDK. Sometimes it’s hard to go from writing educational theatre for youth to short comics about suicide and loneliness. And other times it’s quite natural.


“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay”
~Mark Twain

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