Quite pleased with the hands in todays post.

Whelp, Valentine’s day has come and gone and what’s next?

That’s right stalky readers that already know, it’s my birthday! I’ll have to do something fun for it. Maybe I’ll give you some artistic goodies.

We didn’t do a special President’s Day comic for today because we posted it randomly last summer (we liked the joke and were impatient) but I am more than happy to link to it for you!

Show Franklin some love

Please don’t be too harsh. Twisted Brush is no Adobe Illustrator, and I was also drawing on a Genius tablet instead of a Wacom at the time. Though, believe it or not, I hardly use the Wacom to draw anymore unless it’s detailed work. You know, like a baby or an awesome set of hands.

A group of friends and I played Apples to Apples Friday night. For those who know the game, you are aware that they give you blank cards to write in your own witty ideas. Unfortunately for me, my friends tend to lean towards morbid and disgusting as opposed to witty.

As one of my friends is explaining the game to my mother, she pulls out a card as an example…

“Anal Rape”

And that, readers, is how you make a good impression upon parents.

I’m sure I’m supposed to actually talk about the comics in these posts, but it really never works out that way.

“Do everything by hand, even when using the computer.” -Hayao Miyazaki

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