That’s right! Cierra is going to college!

For those who know me, you understand how big of a step this is. I have been wanting to go ever since graduation but I suppose I never really mustered up the ambition to actually follow through with it.

No more excuses. I’m ready to do this!

Let’s just concentrate on that bachelors in fine arts and go from there. Also… I’m glad I have so many friends who have either finished/been there a while because this will help me a great deal.

Can I make a shout out to a commenter though?

u5k4! Sweet sassy-molassy, I have have never seen someone blast through so many comics and comment so much in one sitting. I am certainly impressed.

Subject change again–

Working on a comic book with William. Want to know what it is? Do ya Do ya Do ya?

Too bad!

Go to Phoenix Comicon in May and you can get one. Until it’s unveiling, it will be kept a secret. Though I may release a few teaser images if you coax me enough. I’ll be working on some personal projects too, so hopefully Wileysaid will get back up and running soon (better yet, just flippin’ updated).

I can’t think of anything else to say now. Coffee is here, and it is peppermint mocha so it requires my full attention.

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