It was pretty cool. I don’t know if I was “Amazed” but I was there and didn’t hate every minute of it. I was a little upset at first because we brought all these lights and computer stuff and had no power or even any room to set it all up! Oh well, hopefully we can fix that before Phx ComicCon (we are totally going, table and all, BTW)

I think we gained some fans from it. It’s hard to say but we gave out A LOT of merch and took in maybe $100. That isn’t even close to covering expenses, but what did we expect, we were giving stuff away from free!

Free stuff sucka!

Our booth - Day 1

It was weird for me because I don’t know comics and I don’t really watch TV so… I was kind of underwhelmed with the lack of stuff that interested me. PHX will be much better! We made a list of problems and solutions from this con to better prepare for the next, so objective achieved!

Don't I look SO excited?!?

Our booth day 2!

Oh, and we didn’t offend anyone so much that they flipped our table or anything. Plus, we made friends! Well, Cierra did. I was too hopped up on cold medicine and Monster to know what was going on.

More stuff coming soon! See ya at PHX CC!

Oh yeah! And today’s quote is from a special guest who stopped by at our table during the con. We can’t put their name for obvious reasons, but I’m sure you know the intials.


“I just love [IDK]; it’s the best thing I’ve found here [at AACC].”


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