Looks like all the “quality time” I spend with myself has finally caught up with me because I can’t see! I’m losing my vision for some reason, but I can still see the computer screen (kinda, when I wipe away the blood and tears) so your comics will still be delivered!

Dance break

Thanks to the people who have been donating! I sent you all emails from IDKComics [at]hotmail.com so make sure to check your spam so I can mail you goodies!

Speaking of goodies, we have new buttons! The folks who follow us on Facebook got a sneak peak, but soon you will see them all in their new button glory! We have a total 18 new buttons.

Here are 6:

And the other 12 are from the Horror-Scope comic.

Check them out!

I’d put them in the store, but no one really buys them.


I will be giving some away very soon! Watch Facebook or Twitter for your chance to win!

Personal blog stuff!

(If you are not really interested in my personal life, you can stop reading now)

I’m in another show now. A professional children’s show with Phoenix Theatre’s Cookie Company called “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. Details here.

I had another play I helped write open this past weekend at Arizona State University titled “Food! A Play with Music”. The scene I wrote is available for your reading pleasure on the play page.

Anyone else been playing Black Ops? I have it on the 360 and I can’t get a good party together for Zombies. I just need two achievements for another CoD 1000’ed.

XBL GT: Psi Hightower </nerdiness>

This blog was interrupted to teach my brother how to graph lines using the slope-intercept formula… Now I’ve kinda lost my thoughts… Sleepy…



“A conclusion is the place where you get tired of thinking.“
~Arthur Bloch

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