Wow. 100 comics? That’s 100 jokes… kinda. If I put half as much effort into my stand-up I’d have my own sitcom by now. I’ve stuck with this project for about a year now, that’s longer than my relationships! How did it all begin? Check out our new About page to learn all about it. Yes, it took us a year to write an about page. We’re good like that.

For all you faithful fans, there is a poll to the side that lets you declare your loyalty. Vote!

The big plan for 100 comics was to create a book with all these comics in them to sell to fans and sit around in boxes in my room. I planned on making a bedroom set out of the stacked boxes like Legos. After reading about the printing trials of XKCD’s book and the books of Steam Crow I don’t know if I am ready for that yet. Besides, that would be a pretty short book don’t you think? Would you pay for 100 strips you can read online for free? … I mean, yeah! I would! Well, there is a lot of work/time/money that goes into it, so I’ll stick to small, staple-bound prints from my inkjet for now.

As of right now we don’t offer any merch, but we have plenty of designs and ideas! Oh yeah, and buttons, we have those. I think just about everyone has a button by now but I can make more. What comic would you like to see on a button?

Some of you have already discovered the magic that is the “share” and “like” buttons under the comics but for those of you who have not—click now! You can share your favorite comic (like this one—Blades) with all your Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter friends! You’d be surprised how much sharing helps!

Thanks for your support!


“Our best thoughts come from others.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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