Question from Alfred S.

“How many people read your comic/blog (if you have a counter) and how do you feel about your popularity?”

Alrighty! Let’s focus on the first part, how many people read IDK. This concept is a little difficult for me to understand, maybe for others too, so I’ll try to explain. This is difficult to measure because there is no uniformity to readership or their habits. Some people check every day or every update while others allow the updates to stack up for a month or so before revisiting. Here are the numbers from different sources which, as you will see, ultimately mean nothing.

Number of “Readers”

Project Wonderful (the advertising system I use) – Let’s estimate around 100-200 unique visitors a day with page views being 300-600. This means that, on average, each person who visits IDK Comics clicks to a few other pages.

Views Chart

This system works by the number of “impressions” the ad gets. So what happens if the user has adblock? Then they don’t count!

So I also use Google Analytics

Google Views

Google works by code I have implanted in the header (I think) but operates on a similar method that PW does. The numbers are similar with the amount of visitors, but Google tells me that 60% of my visitors are new! …or does that mean they just clear their cookies regularly? The problem continues!

People also subscribe via RSS and other readers. The only info I have on that is a stat-tracker that tells me that I have 265 subscribers within the last 7 days…?

Then, in the more vague and unreliable data department we have:

Facebook: 1603 Fans
Twitter: 824 Followers
Tumblr: 112 (where you can view the comic and I’ll never even know)

And finally, there are the people who have read IDK on other sites such as Reddit (mostly just the magic ball one), Memebase, and message boards which have had thousands of likes/shares and whatnot.

So, ultimately…

I have no idea


So, how do I feel about my “popularity”? I don’t really. Not anymore anyway. I used to get really excited when I’d get a ton of page views or “likes” on a comic that it became an addiction. I used to pour money into advertising on a weekly basis to try to get more and more hits. I’ve had up to 10k a day for a while, maybe more, I can’t remember. Spending that much money tends to make you black out (like Vegas). It was beginning to look a lot like the end of Schindler’s List

Except instead of counting Jews, I was counting views.

So I had to stop. I had to pull back because my hobby became a project that was, not only draining my bank account, but my passion for life! I discovered that if I tried to measure my “success”, “impact”, or e-penis using views that it would never be enough. Success is immeasurable! Like happiness or love!

So I’ve scaled back, as you’ve seen. I don’t do conventions, appearances, or sell merch anymore. I’m not trying to make IDK my job or even a source of income. And I’m definitely not using this as a platform to become famous. I’m doing it for me, because I enjoy it…Kinda.

In conclusion:

If I’ve helped one person laugh through a bad situation, or see a struggle in a new light, or helped communicate an idea/feeling so they can better connect/understand another person, then it is all worth it. I’m not sure how many people read IDK, but I am more interested in the number of people who have been changed by it. How do I measure that? Well, I can’t, but sometimes emails, comments, and interactions help.



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