Welcome back to the IDK Blog and the continuation of the “Fear of Finished” series.


The “Fear of Finished” is simply the anxiety associated with being done. Everyone, at some point, in some capacity, will experience this paralyzing terror. It’s in our work, our play, and our personal relationships. Part 1 was all about the Fear of Finishing work or projects (Read here). Part 2 is something you might not expect to be afraid of.


The Fear of Finishing Fun


Who is afraid of fun? Don’t we all want as much fun as possible?


Yes, fun is, well, fun! But have you ever worried about your day-off ending? Or you see that you are nearing the end of a good book and don’t want to continue because then it will be over? That is the Fear of Finishing Fun! Now, just like the Fear of Finishing Work, this Fear is made up of other related fears. One that we saw in the last segment was


The Fear of Emptiness or Loss

This is caused by the fear of a metaphorical hole that finishing a fun activity leaves. The hole is located in the same spot that the enjoyment or fulfillment to once inhabited. Because reading, playing, or otherwise enjoying something gave us this good feeling, once we finish that action, the feeling must finish as well. Also, when we finish a story or a game, all of the characters we’ve met along the way stop existing once we close the book, leaving us with nothing but emptiness. Right? Well, I mean, we have the memories of those characters/experiences/stories and whatever the results of that task were, such as a sense of accomplishment or bragging rights (to n00bs).



The Fear of Return to Routine

This is a simple fear! It is the fear of going back to work or to whatever you were doing before the fun started. We see this most with the fear of the weekend. We don’t want it to start because then it will have to end! The fun made us feel better and made us happy, so stopping that must make us feel worse, right? Or maybe we can live forever in that moment and enjoy it, but know that moments aren’t forever. But there will be more. Promise.


The Fear of the Unknown

Finally, the fear that affects me the most! The Fear of the Unknown is not “what’s in the dark?” but more about that fear of “What fun haven’t I found?” This fear is about the strange worries like, “What if I could be having more fun?” or “What if I missed something?”. I see this most in myself when it comes to video games. Particularly when I play anything from the Final Fantasy series! I have played almost every one and finished very few. I have enjoyed the story and the game play, the grinding and the exploring, but when I get to the last boss or the final dungeon, I quit. I just drop the game out of the fear that there was something I missed. I don’t want to miss out on anything so I just won’t finish the game. Sure, I am missing out on the final dungeon, boss, ending cutscenes, plot twists, and other details, but I know I am missing those. There could be so much more that I am missing that I don’t know I am missing. Unknown unknowns! This way I can always go back. I’m so smart!



The Fear of Finishing Fun is just as irrational as every other fear. Somehow we have to be aware of this and conquer our immature fears of the things we enjoy. Ending is a part of beginning! If the fun never ends, then when does it begin?



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