Well, I paid for them, so they aren’t really presents. But I did receive stuff! Check it out!


LAWLS Package

Denis sent me his large package


  • 6 LAWLS Buttons
  • Reeder Rabbit
  • LAWLS Volume 1: Choking on Air
  • Super-Awesome-Picture of IDK hitting on his character, Cadence (way out of his league)


Fun Fact: That awesome picture of IDK and Cadence is actually the last page of the book! Well, my book anyway. I don’t know if it is in every book. But that would be sweet!


These are all from my buddy [Denis Caron] who recently had a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first book! As you can tell, it was fully funded and is fully awesome. Check out his comics:



[Words of Interest]


At Phoenix Comic Con 2011, his booth was actually across the isle from mine so he came over and said some nice things. Stuff like how he REALLY liked my webcomic and how he read the whole thing in one sitting. He said that I was far more attractive than him and how he wished he could have the same sweet haircut that I do (it’s a modified bowl-cut that I have trade marked. Sorry guys!). Anyway, after I stopped his flattery 3 or so hours later, we became friendsies!

Okay, that’s only sorta true. It was mostly subtext. HEAVY SUBTEXT!


Anyway, I am super jealous of Denis because of his art, writing, dedication, and hair style (even though he mostly wears a hat).

Congrats on the book and constant growing success!




Fuck you Denis.





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