Breakfast in Dead

(PDF Version Here)

 By Will Hightower

Int. Bedroom – Morning

A MAN and a WOMAN lie in bed with the morning sun shining through the blinds. The WOMAN wakes up naturally, rolls over to the MAN and kisses him on the head before getting up. She leaves the room while the man continues sleeping.

Int. Kitchen – Morning

The WOMAN enters the kitchen and prepares breakfast. She is is cooking scrambled eggs, waffles, and veggie bacon. She fills two plates with food and two glasses with vanilla soy milk before loading them on a tray and leaving the kitchen.

INT. Bedroom – Morning

The WOMAN enters to bedroom with the tray of food. She stops in her tracks as she sees the MAN in bed. Her face is unreadable.

Shot of the MAN, accentuated by a sound, who has his eyes and mouth open, his face pale with death. CU of his face. CU of his eyes.

Cut to: WOMAN in bed with MAN, who remains unmoved, and the tray of food. She reaches for the TV remote and presses the power button. She reaches over to the MAN’s plate of food and eats his veggie bacon.

Fade to black.


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