Where do I even begin?

I spent most of the time at the table, some of the time at panels, and all of the time pretending I didn’t have some horrible stomach flu.

At The Table

Being at the table was kinda fun… See, I have this problem where I don’t like to take money from people for my IDK stuff that I would just like them to have. Which was fine because most people had this problem where they didn’t want to pay for anything. Thanks to my buds Robert, Jason, and Stephen for holding down the fort when I left on Sunday!

We sold mostly buttons, a few prints, and one shirt (our only 1)! What we gave away (or was stolen) were pens and silly bandz. So I hope you enjoyed the swag we brought!

The Panels

I spoke on a panel or two! Crazy I know, but it was pretty rad. I wasn’t scheduled to speak on any panels, but the all-around-awesome guy [Glen Curren] recommended me for it. I spoke at “Comic Book World of Social Networking” and then later at the [Tiny Army] panel. Apparently I was qualified for both…?

Glen Curren, Me, Andy Bohn

Anyway, it was great fun and I hope to do it again next year.

The Illness

I’m not sure what I have, but it turned my stomach into a rock tumbler

And my sphincter into a nozzle for a fire hose.

Smiling child optional

You do the math.

And after pulling an 8-hour shift at the table I’d have to go perform in my current play, [Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party]. Yeah, there are few things harder than not flooding your underpants while trying to dance like a gay president. (Fun Fact: Sometimes I failed!). Oh yeah, and that was for all four days of the Con! Woot!


It was a good time. It was nice to be a part of something larger and meet a lot of successful people doing what I am trying to do.

Financially, I lost my ass. I made roughly just enough to cover the amount of money I spent on one plate of over-priced Asian food at the convention center. Okay, maybe a little more. Total loss on the table and product alone (not counting expenses and time away from work) was about $300. Which is pretty good for four days right? …RIGHT?!? I don’t think people do conventions to make money anyway… :-/

But you know what is worth more than money? Awesome people and great comments! And no, not from all the people we passed by and went, “Oh, that’s funny”. One person came to the table and said something to the effect of, “I don’t know how I stumbled upon your site, but I read all of the comics in one sitting. And I never do that.” He mentioned really liking the more morbid ones. Who said that? This guy

Large Air Whales Like Science
By D. Caron

Yeah, an actually successful webcomic maker came over and complimented my webcomic. Totally sincere too, he walked over from his table and yeah. Anyway, it was pretty neat.

So will I do it again next year?

Tricky question. It is hard to tell if the demand for IDK swag will increase by next year. I think I might rather enjoy the con by speaking/attending panels and judging the costume contest instead of sitting at a table pushing buttons on people. So I have not renewed my table for next year as of yet.

IDK Comics might not even be around for too much longer….



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